Ideal Junk Removal Vancouver, WA Appliance Removal & Disposal Experts

Find yourself needing appliance removal, Have you recently upgraded to a new state-of-the-art residential refrigerator? How about a brand-new Dishwasher, Stove, Oven, Washer & Dryer, Microwave, and anything else that is a household Appliance? That’s great, Now that it is time to remove the old Appliance that’s in Vancouver, WA? You’ll realize that refrigerator removal and other Appliance disposal tasks can be daunting. Not only are refrigerators among the heaviest kinds of home appliances, they also need to be handled with extreme care to protect the environment.

Professional Appliance Disposal Protecting the Environment

Ideal Junk Removal offers a practical solution and is environmentally friendly. Professional and safe fridge disposal services in Vancouver, WA. We want to make the whole process easy for you.
Our knowledgeable refrigerator Disposal Staff will have the manpower to dispose of that old fridge while taking care not to damage your home. We’ll do all the Extreme lifting -. We’ll make certain that the fridge is handled with care all the way to an appropriate recycling center in Vancouver, WA.

Appliance Disposal Service

All set to eliminate your old home appliances? It’s so simple, just give us a call to get scheduled and we will get started! Our professional and insured fridge disposal staff will show up at your home or place of business in Vancouver, WA. We’ll offer you a free onsite complimentary quote based upon just how much space your products will take up in our dump trailer. You inform us what we need to carry away and when and we’ll load up your old refrigerator into our junk elimination trucks, without any extra hidden charges or fees.

Not just are we Refrigerator removal experts, but we also specialize in all aspects of Appliance Removal.
Hot Water Tanks

Do you recycle Broken Old fridges?

Yes, you can look to Ideal Junk removal when you want to properly dispose of your old fridge and have it prepped to be recycled in an environmentally-conscious way. We will take your fridge directly to the closest recycling center in Clark County Washington where it will be Dropped off with other old Refrigerators and recycled properly.

Does Ideal Junk Removal Provide Business Appliance Removal?

Yes, Ideal Junk Removal does offer commercial refrigerator removal services. We have all the necessary equipment and muscle to get rid of a commercial fridge. When remodeling your restaurant we can dispose of that old tired cooler.

This consists of cooler, Refrigerators, Freezers, Ovens, Stoves, Cooktops, Dishwashers, Ranges, Washers, Dryers, Microwaves, and Water heater tanks.

No matter what Appliance you need disposed of, Ideal Junk Removal has you covered in the Vancouver, WA area.