Ideal Junk Removal Hockinson Wa, Top-rated expert junk removal in the Hockinson Washington area. You’re making a new start. You’re getting rid of old junk furniture, appliances, stereo equipment, and even a mattress as you prepare to move to a beautiful new home here in the Hockinson, Wa area. But, what do you do with all of this junk? That’s where we come in! At Ideal Junk Removal, we haul away what you don’t want to take with you on a move to a new residence. Find out what else our junk removal company can do for you.

What Do We Haul Away?

This is the first question most people ask when they call our offices in search of junk removal Hockinson, WA. The answer is simple: almost everything. Some specific examples of what we take include:

In short, we remove non-hazardous items that two workers can load onto our dump trailer!

If you’re not sure whether we’ll haul away your items, give our offices a call and we’ll be glad to give you an answer.

Items We Don’t Take

Unfortunately, there are some items we don’t haul away. These are mostly hazardous materials including:

• Asbestos
• Paint
• Oil

What Happens to Your Junk After We Haul It Away?

So glad you asked! We haul away all non- hazardous items with the goal of recycling or repurposing them. We want to give them a new lease on life! Nothing makes us happier than to keep good items out of the landfill. However, if an item has absolutely no life left in it, we throw it away.

How Does the Process Work?

Our process for junk removal Hockinson WA is simple. You can either send us an email providing us with a brief description of what you’d like hauled away and when. You’ll receive a quick response to your email. Or, you can give our offices a phone call at 360-787-6883 to speak to a courteous member of our staff. We do our best to schedule your junk pickup at a time when it’s most convenient for you.

Who Do We Serve in the Hockinson Wa Area?

At Ideal Junk Removal, we are proud to serve homeowners as well as businesses. We also help with property management and construction site cleanup. Some examples of our typical services in each area include:


Homeowners in the Hockinson Washington area who call us to arrange for our junk removal services do so for a variety of reasons. One of the most common is they are moving to a new home, so they’re sorting what to take and what to get rid of. Some of the other reasons homeowners call us:

• They’re cleaning out their closets, basement or garage and want to get rid of items.
• They’re remodeling a bathroom, kitchen or bedroom and want our help in removing debris created by the home improvement project.
• They experience a flooded room in their home and need to get rid of furniture and other items that suffered water damage.
• They’re having landscaping work done around their home and want the debris from the work hauled away.


If you own a business and decide to move locations, you’re likely to replace old equipment and furniture to make a fresh start. We haul away computers, desks, office chairs and more. This helps to decrease the number of items you must move to your new location.

If we are able to repurpose some of your items such as office furniture or computers, we turn around and donate them to schools and other deserving organizations. So, not only are you free of your old items, they’ll be used by other individuals who need them!

Property Management

Maybe you’re the owner or landlord of an apartment building or a rental home. Some of your tenants have vacated leaving behind furniture and other items in their rental unit. We clean out apartments and rental homes, hauling away tables, appliances, electronics, and other non-hazardous items. In addition, we offer same day service on property cleanouts so you can start preparing your apartment or home for new tenants.

Construction Sites

After the construction of a new home is finished we haul away debris from the work site such as:

• Trash bags
• Pieces of wood
• Discarded packaging
• Pieces of insulation

Why Choose Ideal Junk Removal in the Hockinson Area?

Honest Pricing

One of the best reasons to choose our junk removal company is our upfront pricing. We evaluate what you need to have hauled away and let you know the cost right away. So, you know what we charge and can work it into your budget without any surprises.

Our Superior Dump Trailer

Our company uses a dump trailer that’s four feet longer than those used by our competitors. This means we have the ability to haul all of your items away efficiently so you can move on with your day.

Courteous Employees

Our employees understand it can be inconvenient to have people in your home removing your items to haul away. That’s why our employees make it a point to go about their work with efficiency and with respect for your property. We make sure the area is neat before driving away with our safely loaded trailer.

Some customers want us to pick up just one item to haul away while others have many items for pickup. We love both small and large junk removal projects!

Ideal Junk Removal Gives Back to the Environment

Here’s a really good reason to call us! With every load of junk we remove, we plant a tree in our National Forest in cooperation with the National Forest Foundation program. We want to give back to keep our environment healthy and beautiful! You can learn more about our involvement in the National Forest Foundation program on our Facebook page.

So, if you Need Junk Removal in Hockinson Wa, give our professional team at Ideal Junk Removal a call today at 360-787-6883. Let us help you make a fresh start! If you Need service in another area you can find a full list of the areas we provide junk removal to here